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In: Sunday School

Questions to ponder. What can members of my class do to make sure that everyone feels welcome and comfortable in our learning environment? Is there anything I need to do to be a better example?

Teaching tip of the week:

Love Those You Teach

Everything the Savior did throughout His earthly ministry was motivated by love—His love for His Father and His love for all of us. Through the power of the Holy Ghost, we can be filled with this same love as we strive to be true followers of Christ (see John 13:34–35Moroni 7:488:26). With Christlike love in our hearts, we will seek every possible way to help others learn of Christ and come unto Him. Love will be the reason and motivation for our teaching.

Question to ponder. As I pray for those I teach, what impressions do I receive?

By: ldscalendar
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