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The following pertains to the weeks of September 20 and September 27:

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

With the direction from our Area Presidency, we are now able to have 150 people attend sacrament meeting. In order to accommodate 150 people and maintain social distancing, the chapel and the cultural hall will be used. 

The time for your family will continue to be based on the homeowners last name:

9AM A-K 

10AM L-Z

Please continue to wear masks and continue to physical distance, while in the building. 

If you are high risk for COVID-19 and/or you are not comfortable attending, please call Bishop Kilgore for authorization to bless and partake of the Sacrament in your homes. 

Thank you and we look forward to being with you, 

Bishop Kilgore 

Brother Overbaugh 

Brother Etherington

By: ldscalendar