•Upcoming In-Person Sacrament Meetings: Every week (please click for more details)

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The following pertains to the weeks of September 20 and September 27:

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

With the direction from our Area Presidency, we are now able to have 150 people attend sacrament meeting. In order to accommodate 150 people and maintain social distancing, the chapel and the cultural hall will be used. 

The time for your family will continue to be based on the homeowners last name:

9AM A-K 

10AM L-Z

Please continue to wear masks and continue to physical distance, while in the building. 

If you are high risk for COVID-19 and/or you are not comfortable attending, please call Bishop Kilgore for authorization to bless and partake of the Sacrament in your homes. 

Thank you and we look forward to being with you, 

Bishop Kilgore 

Brother Overbaugh 

Brother Etherington

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•To schedule the Stake Center Building: Allen McCarter, CC7, 408.910.8078 (please click for more info)

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To schedule the Stake Center building, please note the following:

A Google Forms document has been created that will simplify the scheduling process for me. I prefer requests be submitted using the Google Forms document linked to URL:

The requester will need to complete the form listing details of the event. Once completed, the requester will SUBMIT the form, which command is found at the end of the document. The form will be sent to my Gmail account where I can review it, and if approved, add the event to the calendar.

Please add the following information to your ward bulletins and disperse the information to your auxiliaries and members.

Stake Center Building Scheduling
Allen McCarter, CC7, 408.910.8078
Scheduling Request Form: https://tinyurl.com/Stake-Building-Scheduling

Bro. Allen McCarter
Stake Building Scheduling

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•Missionaries Currently Serving from the CC6th Ward (click to view)

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  • Elder Devon Spangler: Germany Berlin Mission. August 29, 2018 – August 18, 2020. [email protected] 
  • Elder Patrick Holmes: El Salvador, San Salvador West/Belixe Mission. July 31, 2019 – July 13, 2021. [email protected]
  • Sister Samantha Overbaugh: Nevada, Las Vegas West Mission. 03 June 2020 – 29 November 2021. [email protected] 
  • Sister Mattias Osthed: Oregon Eugene Mission. 31 July 2019 – 14 July 2021. [email protected]
  • Elder Cole Hagen: Washington DC North Mission. 24 June 2020 – 07 June 2022. [email protected] 
  • Elder Josh Kener: Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West Mission / Oregon Salem. 24 June 2020 – 05 August 2020. [email protected]
  • Elder Mason Keys: Argentina Mendoza Mission. 08 July 2020 – 14 July 2022. [email protected] 
  • Elder Dallan Nelson: Argentina Mendoza Mission / Texas Austin Mission. 24 June, 2020 – 26 August, 2020. [email protected]
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•Missionaries: Proselyting, Service, Senior and Addition recovery (click to contact)

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  • Full-Time Missionaries (English): Sisters Gray and Riggs: 801-205-1088
  • Full-Time Missionaries (Spanish):Sisters Fuewntes and Alaveras: 801502-7229
  • Senior Missionaries: Elder Donald and Sister Kathy Wittke: 801-560-8268
  • Ward Missionaries: Shane Jones (Ward Mission Leader), Nanaless Jones, Gary and Kathy Free, Li Schlachter
  • Service Missionaries: Bruce Black (Welfare Services): 435-659-6567
  • Addiction Recovery Missionaries: Elder and Sister Dixon
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•Temple Recommend Interviews (click for info)

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  • To meet with Bishop Kilgore specifically, please contact Jay England: 801-870-6230
  • Brother Overbaugh and Brother Etherington will be available each week after the block.


Stake Temple Recommend Interviews are made by appointment. Please contact Scott Westra at 801-560-2225 or Scott Stubbs at 801-544-4853/[email protected] to make an appointment.

Thank you,

Scott Westra & Scott Stubbs, Stake Clerks

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